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UK 'on course for record number of ethnic minority MPs' after election

But Labour Friends of India hits out at party's shortage of Indian-heritage candidates

Bercow calls Brexit the biggest blunder since Second World War

Saga of leaving EU will - if it goes ahead - rage 'probably for the next 10 years and conceivably for the next 15 years', ex-Speaker warns

Tory MP blames ‘young person’ on campaign staff for doctored election

Ben Bradley admitted that the Conservative election campaign had been hit by ‘cock-ups’

Accusations against Boris Johnson are 'damaging', says ex-minister

Justine Greening says the accusations raise questions of character and integrity in public life

Johnson denies conflict of interest in relation to US businesswoman

The prime minister suggested opponents of Brexit were using the allegations to undermine his ability to deliver EU withdrawal

Sadiq Khan warning about 'macho' Tory leadership contenders

The London mayor accuses Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt of indulging in ‘macho’ posturing over Brexit to win Tory votes

‘Squirming’ Hunt performs humiliating U-turn on ending fox hunting ban

Screeching backtrack after ex-Tory MP Nick Boles says: ‘Why not bring back hanging while we’re about it? And the birch. They’re ancient English customs’