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All 1,100 arrested Extinction Rebellion protesters could be prosecuted

Police in discussions with Home Office over changing public order laws and tougher punishments

Changing the Game: Introducing our new series on sport and the planet

Nearly every sport interacts with the natural world in some way. Even from an entirely selfish standpoint it is in sport’s interests of self-preservation to act, and to act quickly

What AOC and Jay Inslee got right about meat-eating

The most important parts of Green New Deal and the Evergreen Economy Plan aren't necessarily the parts you've heard about

Extinction Rebellion protesters will be arrested 'very fast' in future

'Next time we will have to quite simply have more people earlier, and be very very fast and assertive about getting people arrested,' Cressida Dick says

Kensington and Chelsea council is doing a lot for Grenfell victims

Please send your letters to

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Martin Friel Blablacar boss plans to dominate the long-distance transport market

CEO and co-founder of the French ride-sharing company, Nicolas Brusson, tells Martin Friel how it will solve ‘the empty car seat problem’

Lib Dems to press for tougher EU-wide climate change action

Exclusive: 'Anyone who wants to stop our climate crisis should vote to stop Brexit', party says - pushing Brussels to wipe out contributions to global warming by 2050