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A fascist is burning the Amazon – but Macron is complicit too

‘Our house is burning,' tweeted the French president last night. Considering his own record on fossil fuel and agribusiness subsidies, he should have shown some remorse

UK has five times less shale gas than thought, fracking study finds

Scientists say there may be less than 10 years’ worth of gas left

Forest elephants defend against climate change, study says

Research suggests elephant poaching is accelerating global warming

‘Big artists’ refused to work with climate activist Greta Thunberg

‘Other artists didn’t want to do it – it’s madness,’ said Jamie Oborne

Hundreds forced to flee as wildfires rage on holiday island

‘We are overwhelmed by the situation. We continue working and fighting for our island’

Trouble brewing: Could we run out of tea by 2030?

Benefits to the local economy and the lives of smallholders prove that – unlike the west – they are winning the battle against climate change. Hannah Twiggs meets the farmers in Meru fighting back one tree at a time

UK's 10 hottest years on record have all occurred since 2002

‘With global emissions on the rise, the UK will continue to get warmer and wetter’