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‘The Diary of One Who Disappeared’ at the Linbury Theatre, London

The production seems somewhat self-regarding but as Janacek’s music works its spell, the tale takes shape, writes Michael Church 

Musician playing grand piano on Himalayan mountain sets world record

Evelina De Lain performed Chopin's nocturnes up a 5,000m mountain pass and donated piano to local school 

The Dunedin Consort perform Bach at his most ravishing at Wigmore Hall

Concerts at the Wigmore Hall offer a lifeline after the too-short Christmas breather

Renowned composer Sir Peter Maxwell Davies dies aged 81

The Lancashire-born musician was undergoing chemothrapy for leukaemia

Iranian musician stops Cologne concert after audience catcalls

Mahan Esfahani put the furore down to his performance but German media suggested xenophobia may be to blame