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Jo Swinson is Remain's answer to Donald Trump

On both shores of the Atlantic, liberals have been slow to find their own version of the libidinal politics of a triumphant hard right. But with the new Liberal Democrat leader, this may no longer be the case

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Rob Merrick Can MPs still stop a no-deal Brexit?

Politics Explained: Oliver Letwin says he ‘can’t currently think’ of what to do next – but other opponents of a crash-out departure are not so gloomy

Change UK forced to change name again after threat of legal action

Struggling party – which endured a painful split just nine days ago – now has its third name in just four months

Euro elections are a chance for progressives to grab back lost ground

For those who believe the British people have a democratic right to pass judgment on the terms of any Brexit deal in a Final Say referendum, it is important the parties sympathetic to that view get solid popular backing

Change UK can help defeat hard Brexit – but not how you’d expect

By re-distributing just 2 per cent of voters from the weakest to the strongest Remain party in each region, the pro-European side could snatch victory from the jaws of supposedly inevitable ‘defeat’

Ukip leader endorses Change UK candidate accused of Islamophobia

Gerard Batten says he hopes presence of Nora Mulready's views in a Remain party will make his more mainstream

UK Politics
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Ashley Cowburn Why haven’t the Tories launched a European elections campaign?

Brexit explained: Confusion will reign over the Conservative Party’s strategy for the European parliament election campaign for as long as the prime minister clings to the hope she can secure backing for a deal by 22 May