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Spain's prime minister criticised for refusing to meet Catalan leaders

Pedro Sanchez has himself attacked Catalonia's leadership for failing to halt protests

City boss Guardiola gives impassioned speech defending yellow ribbon

In his post-match press conference following City's EFL Cup triumph, Guardiola was also asked how he reconciles his position with working for a club owned by the Abu Dhabi regime

Catalan leader denies giving up on independence after text leak

Carles Puigdemont reportedly texts fellow separatist MP saying fight for secession is over

Catalan president accuses Spain of 'worst attacks' since Franco

Country's move towards to democracy only began after Franco's death in 1975

What will Spain's 'direct rule' over Catalan region look like?

Spain's ruling party calls crisis the worst to hit Spain since failed coup of 1981

EU stays silent on ‘regional election’

Europe’s many independence movements drew heart from the result

Catalonia voted the way it did because of dismissal from Spain's PM

His strategy has been counterproductive; his stubbornness has hardened hearts; and his hope that Catalans wouldn’t feel confident in their right to challenge Spanish constitutional law will now be proved wrong