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Where will Meghan and Harry move to in Canada?

Whether it’s squirrelling away at the ultimate island escape or slumming it with the locals in Canada’s buzziest city, Lizzie Pook weighs up the Sussexes’ next move

How easy is it to move to Canada?

As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ‘step back’ from royal duties, rumours abound that they will move overseas

Canada grounds Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft

The US is now the only major nation not to ground the aircraft

How Winnipeg became Canada's comeback city

Chloe Cann charts the fall and rise of this plucky Canadian underdog – from boom to bust and back again

Canadian hotels offer free stays to hunters willing to renounce guns

It's spring on Canada's west coast and that means the grizzly bear hunt is on. But two hotels are fighting back, offering free luxury stays to hunters who renounce the chase

Inside the town taken over by a giant iceberg

Two days ago, photos of an iceberg in residence off the coast of Newfoundland went around the world. Candice Walsh sees what the fuss is all about