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Labour should not turn its back on its core internationalist values

Boris Johnson’s government will inevitably lurch into fresh crisis over Brexit in the weeks ahead. There is little point in Labour following a similar path, writes Tom Baldwin 

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Andrew Grice A quick EU trade deal will be better than no deal for Boris Johnson

Inside Westminster: The general election result has been welcomed in Brussels because it offers clarity, but the prime minister cannot rest on his laurels

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John Rentoul What we learnt from an election that has changed British politics

John Rentoul takes a closer look at what we gleaned from Thursday night’s historic election

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Boris Johnson is about to find out he can't actually get Brexit done

The Tories might regret winning this election as much as John Major did in 1992

The Tories have won – and this is what you really voted for

Boris Johnson's manifesto committed to ‘end the preventable deaths of mothers, newborn babies and children by 2030’, while still imposing maternity fees for migrant mothers – a measure that puts vulnerable women in Britain at risk

Boris Johnson wants you to believe his victory is inevitable. It’s not

No Remainer, Labour voter or even moderate Conservative can look at the Brexit plan, the policy programme or the man himself and think that what Johnson offers is the right way ahead for the future of the country

Tories attacked for 'vile racism' after linking EU migration to terror

'There is a xenophobia issue with Conservative politicians who are scapegoating EU citizens instead of looking at their own failings'