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Johnson Brexit letters 'may be in contempt of parliament'

Prime minister faces possible legal action over his two letters to the EU - one relaying request to extend Brexit process and the other advising against it

Boris Johnson has spoken. And it clears absolutely nothing up

An entirely pointless day has drawn to its pointless end. White is black; black is white; the prime minister isn’t going to break the law, but he isn’t going to not break it

Hundreds of thousands protest at Westminster to demand Final Say vote

Follow all the developments from the march to Parliament Square

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Andrew Grice EU insiders admit they’ll grant yet another Brexit extension

Inside Westminster: The PM is ‘very confident’ MPs will back his deal but he can’t be so sure. Tory whips calculated the vote was on a knife edge when they had the DUP’s support – and now Johnson has lost them

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Andrew Woodcock How could MPs secure a second referendum?

Parliamentary supporters of a Final Say have an array of weapons at their disposal, writes Andrew Woodcock

Rejoice! A deal that makes us poorer and hands power to sociopaths

This is only the start, we can and must build on this now we’re free to shrink our economy by however much we choose, without having to consult the Germans first

No show at Westminster means no clarity on Heathrow or Brexit

The Man Who Pays His Way: The answers the transport secretary couldn’t give