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Johnson as prime minister would 'make Tory MPs defect to Change UK'

'That would potentially be the end of the road for a number of Tory MPs', predicts Heidi Allen - as Conservatives manoeuvre against Theresa May

Grassroots Tories boycott campaign for European elections

Local Conservative group takes extraordinary step of refusing to help with the 23 May poll – insisting it 'should not be happening'

Slavoj Zizek says ‘the dream of universal liberal democracy is over’

Arjun Neil Alim speaks to the west’s most dangerous philosopher on how to resist radical right, Jordan Peterson and the digital surveillance state 

The only man who can stop Nigel Farage at the European elections

But the Labour leader will need to come off the fence and support a Final Say

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London again out of step with the nation as its house prices tumble

Nationally they increased by 0.6 per cent but in London they fell by 3.8 per cent, a rate of decline not seen since the aftermath of the financial crisis in 2009 

The Leave.EU scandal proves the Brexit vote was rotten

We are ready now as we were not in 2016 to make the judgement

Corbyn says Brexit talks challenging with ‘collapsing government’

‘You can’t be sure if commitments made the prime minister will survive the week,’ Mr Corbyn tells Welsh Labour conference

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Ashley Cowburn Will there be a new Tory leader by the October Brexit deadline?

Brexit explained: Under the rules of the Conservative Party, the PM cannot be formally forced from office until 12 December – but pressure on her to resign is mounting, says Ashley Cowburn