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Theresa May resigns: A timeline of her political career

Prime minister says she will step down on 7 June after a 22-year career in national politics

Johnson mocks Tory Party chair over MPs' data breach

'I know this conference is going to be a staggering success because just in the last few days about a dozen hard-left Momentum activists have taken the trouble to ring my personal mobile phone,' Mr Johnson said

Voters think Tories don't 'understand modern Britain', chairman admits

'Many in our country today feel we have lost sight of many of the issues that are of greatest concern to them'

Local elections in May 'will be really difficult' for Conservatives

Tories currently trail Labour by 26 points in London, with senior party figures fearing a wipeout in the capital

More Tory MPs will be sent to universities to 'protect free speech'

Party chairman Brandon Lewis vows to 'step up speaker programme' in response to scuffle