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Politics explained

Lizzy Buchan Will Johnson find it easier to work with Starmer than with Corbyn?

Assuming leadership in the middle of a global pandemic means Starmer will have to plot a different course from his predecessor, writes Lizzy Buchan

Politics explained

Sean O'Grady Why all parties coming together to tackle Covid-19 could be a bad idea

As the call again goes out for a government of national unity, Sean O'Grady says that by trying to work together MPs could lose something crucial

People to get ‘immunity certificates’ to leave lockdown early

Health secretary says move will be implemented if antibody tests – showing a person was infected, but is now healthy – become available on a mass scale

Politics explained

Andrew Grice Is the government behind the curve in tackling coronavirus?

Ministers insist that they have acted in accordance with scientific advice at all times, but the final reckoning might be less flattering, writes Andrew Grice