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Kim Sengupta How Erdogan became ‘the most practised populist in the world’

A new book on how Erdogan led a democracy on the fringe of Europe into dictatorship paints a vivid portrait of a man who has dominated the political scene in his country, Kim Sengupta writes 

JK Rowling's new book is full of twists and turns, but it's bloated

The author's fourth novel under the Robert Galbraith pseudonym picks up where 'Career of Evil' ended

Sarah Moss's new novel Ghost Wall is like no other author's work

Moss’s sixth novel address the topics of misogynistic brutality and violence, gender inequality and class warfare, and the lessons of history – but never at the expense of what’s a gripping narrative

Gwyneth Rees, The Honeymoon Sisters: 'Very messy and modern'

This thoughtful, very accessible novel has a lot to say 

Juliet Nicholson, A House Full of Daughters

 Nicolson is perceptive on difficult mother-daughter relationships