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Drug dealer loses £45m bitcoin fortune after codes sent to dump

A sheet of A4 paper hidden in the missing case held the private keys to access the cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency's price rises by nearly a third amid series of global crises. But correlation does not necessarily imply causation

US cryptocurrency expert arrested after North Korea conference

Virgil Griffith accused of helping country evade sanctions

Bitcoin price suddenly surges amid positive predictions

'Newcomers to cryptocurrency should see no better opportunity that to invest now,' claims market analyst

Bitcoin price predictions turn positive as cryptocurrency market calms

One week after its creation, Hal Finney predicted btc could hit $10 million

Bitcoin 'inventor' ordered to pay billions

Craig Wright claims he is cryptocurrency founder Satoshi Nakamoto

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Cryptocurrency market continues to see huge gains as value doubles in less than two months

Why is Facebook launching its own cryptocurrency to rival bitcoin?

Social network hopes to deliver world's first mass market cryptocurrency to its more than two billion users