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Long Reads
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John Redwood How the public lost faith in politics – and turned to populism

In a new book, John Redwood says the big political parties have been all but destroyed in elections by the rise in populist movements around the world. So why didn’t experts foresee it? And is it such a bad thing?

Business Analysis & Features
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Chris Blackhurst Woodford Equity Income Fund closes causing huge backlash

Much progress has been made since Britain's financial crisis, but Woodford's move to close down his formerly lucrative business shows that not all the safety nets put in place are working and, as Chris Blackhurst says, is only a signal to the end

Goldman Sachs launches retail bank Marcus in UK

Interest rate on offer currently outstrips rival savings accounts

What the UK losing the EU financial services passport really means

What is the passport? How important is it? Does this come as a surprise? And what will it mean for the wider economy?

Citizens Advice wants credit card crackdown. City watchdog must listen

A code of conduct promoted by the Financial Conduct Authority doesn't go far enough

Which? says banks charging more than payday lenders for overdrafts

The costs faced by those who go into the red without their bank's prior authorisation have been causing controversy since before the financial crisis   

Banks must plan for 'hard' Brexit, PwC report warns

Transformation programmes are so complex and lengthy that they may need to devise two-step interim contingency plans