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I live in my overdraft every month – and now banks are exploiting me

I first used an overdraft after moving from a working class, northern town to London to further my career. Meeting those essential expenses meant getting into a lot of debt – debt that I won’t be getting out of any time soon

The real reason the gender pay gap in the City is widening

It seems the policy of pay transparency, designed with such progressive intentions, is actually having a nasty raft of side effects

Banks face crackdown on rip off overdrafts as FCA brings hammer down

The move is long overdue and it shouldn't hit 'free' banking as some have claimed 

Why you need to be more vigilant than ever with your pension

Unexpected phone calls over the weekends, fake threats of scams, fake bank accounts – they’re all things we need to look out for. But are the banks really doing enough to protect the wary older and tech-eager younger people?

EU to give UK banks new incentive to leave London, say officials

European Central Bank may fast-track applications from British finance firms looking to move

How the world's biggest banks will react to Brexit

Frankfurt and Dublin are emerging as the biggest winners as finance firms shore up their plans to move operations from the UK