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The Rise of Skywalker marks the death of the blockbuster as we know it

With Star Wars in trouble and Marvel at a turning point, and X-Men, Men in Black and Terminator among the established franchises faltering in 2019, Adam White asks what’s next for the traditional blockbuster

Avengers writers 'worry' new Marvel films will ruin effect of Endgame

They think certain plot points should be left untouched

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Trinh Tran said it would be ‘amazing’ to match scale of the film in future years

Mark Ruffalo has been sharing life advice with same fan since 2014

Self-love 'takes practice, patience, and your daily attention,' writes the actor

37 sequels that are even better than the original

Not all follow-ups are unnecessary wastes of time

Avengers: Endgame writers explain meaning behind Thor's transformation

* Warning: the story below contains spoilers for Avengers: Endgame *

Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer answers major Endgame question

The new trailer arrives with a warning from Peter Parker himself, Tom Holland