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Hundreds of refugees left destitute during coronavirus, charities warn

Those granted refugee status are being evicted from asylum support accommodation and left to find housing, jobs or state support at a time when Covid-19 has made that very difficult

Asylum seekers made to eat in communal area despite Covid-19 rules

Exclusive: Campaigners raise alarm after video footage emerges from asylum accommodation centre showing more than 60 people eating and queueing for food in one room with little distance between them

Sick people deemed ‘not vulnerable’ by doctors who never met them

Exclusive: Medical firm paid millions of pounds in public money by councils and the Home Office to carry out assessments on homeless individuals and asylum seekers, based solely on paper records

At least 58 migrants dead after boat capsizes off Mauritania coast

Vessel was carrying 150 people and left Gambia last week

Migrants who drowned at US border ‘were desperate for a better life’

Activists argue Trump’s restrictive immigration policies increase border deaths

One dreadful image brings home the consequences of a president’s words

We are not yet desensitised to the tragedies these photographs depict, but the more depressing truth is that the compassion doesn’t last

Zimbabwe officials interrogate asylum seekers in UK detention centres

Exclusive: ‘I was really frightened. Why is the Home Office giving my details to the government I ran away from? I know they will still be after me. Anyone who has claimed asylum in England is an enemy to the government’

Universal credit driving refugees into ‘almost inevitable destitution’

Red Cross warns newly recognised refugees facing 'inescapable trap of destitution' as universal credit payment delay is longer than period they are given to leave asylum accommodation