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Hike to immigration health surcharge will ‘penalise’ NHS workers

'At a time of unprecedented workforce shortages, this is sending the completely wrong message to talented staff from around the world, who the NHS vitally depends on,' says British Medical Association

Asylum seekers left destitute due to 'failing' Home Office contract

Exclusive: Ministers urged to act as asylum seekers, including single mothers with small babies, living in ‘appalling’ conditions for weeks on end due to ‘drastically increased’ waiting times under new contractor

Hundreds left destitute due to legally flawed Home Office refusals

Exclusive: Professionals with UK-born children say they are forced to choose between food and healthcare as a result of ‘delay tactics’

Home Office urged to ‘get a grip’ of its immigration responsibilities

'Outsourced services have been a can of worms from the very start,' says Law Society president

Protesters replace US flag at ICE faicility with Mexican flag

The incident was not part of a planned protest at the facility

Grandmother whose entire family is settled in UK told to leave country

Exclusive: Sixty-three-year-old ordered to return to Sri Lanka and leave behind her partner, children and grandchildren because her recently retired husband ‘doesn’t earn enough’

Average Venezuelans struggle to get by

Megan Specia and Ana Vanessa Herrero share views from those most affected by conflict in Venezuela