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Martin Friel ‘Don’t be afraid of AI’: Daniel Pitchford debunks technology myths

View From The Top: The co-founder of AI Business, a portal for the technology’s real-world applications, says the arrival of machines that can learn anything a human can could be anything up to 100 years away

Robot surgeon pokes its way inside human body to fix leaky heart

Bioengineers liken it to a self-driving car navigating to a desired destination inside a human body

Machine connecting human brain to computers 'coming soon', Musk says

Entrepreneur say technology allowing humans to 'effectively merge with AI' is imminent

Women are being pushed out of workforce by AI and job automation

WEF estimates it will take 202 years to close the gap women face in the workplace

This is what your phone can learn from the sound of your voice

Your phone travels everywhere with you, potentially listening to every sound you make. These data collectors could learn to understand you as well as your closest friend, and probably better

AI is acquiring a sense of smell that can detect illnesses

Computers can take minutes to autonomously analyse a sample that previously took hours to test

Meet Norman, the 'psychopath AI' that's here to teach us a lesson

A team of researchers from MIT trained the AI algorithm on the darkest corners of Reddit