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Brexit in 47 objects: From leaky mugs to salted caramel milkshake

For all the trauma it ushered in, Brexit possibly did unleash Britain’s true potential after all — at least in these 47 objects, writes Sean O'Grady

Election moves closer as Tory and Labour figures signal approval

'That seems to me to be the only way to break this impasse' says frustrated justice secretary

Johnson slams brakes on his Brexit deal after MPs reject timetable

Victory turns to defeat in dramatic 15 minutes – and frustrated prime minister tells MPs ball is now in EU’s court

Six things we learnt from Jo Swinson’s conference speech

The Lib Dem leader even parked her tanks on Caroline Lucas’s green lawn, declaring her support for a Green Investment Bank

Swinson's Article 50 pledge flirts with disaster

If we’ve learned anything from the last three years, it’s that you really can’t have your cake and eat it. In politics, trade-offs come with the territory

MPs can scupper no-deal Brexit this week with unity and clarity

Too often the voices of sanity and reason have found themselves put on the back foot by a ruthless and determined Downing Street. Tomorrow, parliament can change that

Johnson 'wants to lose' to Tory Brexit rebels as excuse for election

David Gauke says Tories are being 'goaded' to help block a no-deal departure - allowing prime minister to turn to the public for mandate