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Vince Cable The social care crisis is out of control, no thanks to Priti Patel

By 2010, 75 per cent of people with moderate needs were already being denied free care. The situation is untenable, says Vince Cable, yet the solutions are very costly and politically controversial

The dark web scramble to get 8chan back online, led from the shadows

Bad actors have thrived on dark web because it allows website owners and visitors to obscure their location and internet address


Trump’s poisonous anti-immigration hate turned the US into a war zone

Editorial: The next time the US president goes down this track, as he surely will, his admirers at home and abroad should stop and think about El Paso and Dayton

How Nazi apologism has crept back into our politics

There are many instances in which Holocaust comparisons are inappropriate, but using the Holocaust to minimise the moral repugnance of a government’s policy is an act far more offensive to the memory of its victims

Pepper spray used on migrants ‘safe enough to put on nachos and eat’

Border agents have also used tear gas on families of migrants

The human impact of Theresa May’s hostile environment policies

As devastation caused by Theresa May’s ‘hostile environment’ to the Windrush generation continues to emerge, it becomes clear that the true scale of pain inflicted spans far wider

Let's forgive Theresa May for Windrush – we all make mistakes

You can hardly blame immigration officials for threatening deportation to people who have lived here since they were seven if these people haven’t even bothered to keep their documents neatly in a folder marked ‘Papers that never existed’. Some people just ask for trouble