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Air travel industry to lose £211 billion, experts predict

Covid-19 pandemic predicted to cause 44 per cent drop in revenue year-on-year

New immersive theatre piece lets viewers experience a plane crash

‘Not recommended for people of a nervous disposition’

Editor’s letters

Helen Coffey The Flybe debacle shows how far the debate on flying has come

Not long ago, the row over Flybe’s future would’ve been all business. Now it’s a climate issue

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Nine in 10 parents believe travel is important to children's upbringing

Travelling the world in 2050: From flight rationing to helium airships

More than a century since humans learnt to fly, we need to revolutionise how we stay up there

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Everything you need to know about deep-vein thrombosis

Busiest international flight route in the world revealed

Fifteen of the top 20 busiest airline routes in the world are in Asia