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AI must be regulated to stop it damaging humanity, Google boss says

Company will refuse to deploy its AI in situations that could be damaging, CEO says

AI deemed ‘too dangerous to release’ makes it out into the world

Extremists could generate 'synthetic propaganda', automatically creating white supremacist screeds, researchers warn

AI conquers StarCraft II in 'unimaginably unusual' breakthrough

DeepMind was behind other major breakthroughs with games like Go

London football club employs AI coach for tactical insight

Seventh tier Wingate and Finchley FC will use artificial intelligence to select formations and choose game tactics

What makes smartphones so smart?

To help us understand, we must look at their use and consequences through studying the cultural and individual, as well as the technical, writes Daniel Miller

Elon Musk says backflipping bot is ‘nothing’ compared to what's coming

The Tesla founder is worried that people will unintentionally develop something unsafe

AI is highly likely to destroy humans, Elon Musk warns

'Should that be controlled by a few people at Google with no oversight?'