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Racism in the foster care system is depriving kids of support

As an adviser on adoption, I know how important it is to give kids love and a place to call home. Obsessing over backgrounds and beliefs will do nothing to make that a reality

Abandoned newborn found in Georgia receives over 1,000 adoption offers

The newborn, who was found bloody and wrapped in a plastic bag, may now have a second chance at finding a loving family

RSPCA ‘loneliest dog’ finally adopted after more than 500 days

‘This is the best outcome for Gary so we hope he has a long happy life with his new family’

Firefighter adopts baby girl after saving her life

'She is what we prayed for. It felt like winning the lottery'

Adopted woman meets the black woman, who she replaced as a baby

'There were no people of colour in that community at all'

David Cameron says children in care 'let down for too long'

New legislation encouraging the adoption of children in care will be announced in the Queen's Speech on Wednesday