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Tory candidate jailed over threatening messages about Yvette Cooper

Pro-Brexit Conservative defends giving character reference to activist after conviction

Ministers 'risk Windrush scandal repeat with EU settlement scheme'

'Too many people could be missed out under the current plans for the settlement scheme arrangements'

Social media companies 'actively' serve up extremist material to users

'The algorithms that you profit from are being used to poison debate,' Yvette Cooper tells YouTube

Debates about Brexit delay mean we’re missing the bigger picture

Beyond Westminster, the effects of Brexit are already being felt – with businesses tightening purse strings thanks to the ongoing uncertainty and foreign investors looking elsewhere

UK Politics

Joe Watts What is going to happen next week as ‘crunch’ moment awaits?

This week the different strands of Brexit turmoil wind together to tie Theresa May into her most difficult bind yet, writes political editor Joe Watts 

Amid chaos in parliament, only two Brexit votes actually matter

The Cooper-Boles amendment is only the beginning of the drama we can expect on Tuesday night

Jeremy Corbyn, help give the British people a Final Say over Brexit

The only point of seeking to delay Brexit would be to hold a new referendum. The Labour leader is betraying his members and the British people in holding back