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The best video games of 2020 so far

Whether you’re after thought-provoking indie games or gun-toting romps, here are the best video games that have come out this year

Xbox introduces entirely new way to get a console

Xbox is launching a new way of buying a console: very slowly.

Xbox Live stops working, leaving consoles completely useless

Services not working for the second day in a row

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best game (& possibly movie) of the year

Enthralling and immersive to an unprecedented degree, Rockstar's latest game is somewhere to unwind not get wound up

Red Dead Redemption 2 review: Not just one of the best games ever

It's perhaps not surprising that critics adore the new game. But it's notable just how and why they do

Doom: Reviews start to pour in for id Software's latest shooter

Although the press reviews aren't out yet, gamers seem to love the latest Doom

The man behind the latest Doom on the blood-soaked series' new episode

Doom director Marty Stratton speaks to The Independent about violence, gaming and the long road to the game's release