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War on the grapevine? Russia ups control on Georgian wine imports

Georgian wine was target of Russian sanctions before 2008 war between the two former Soviet countries

12 best English still wines that celebrate homegrown grapes

Think it’s all about the fizz? These bottles are here to convince you otherwise

8 spring white wines for special occasions

It is the perfect time for drinking fine, elegant, full flavoured white wines. A long, mild spring evening – the sun is still shining now after 8pm – and even though it’s (mostly) not quite warm enough to eat outdoors just yet, we can certainly admire the clear, pale blue skies and glorious light on the garden, balcony or even just the window boxes.

11 bottles from Alsace

The northeastern French region is somewhat cut off from the rest of the country and therefore produces distinctive, Germanic-leaning wines. Terry Kirby with riesling, gewurztraminer and more

Tea, sofa and warmth are favourite home comforts, claims study

Takes people no more than four days to miss their little luxuries

Wines of the week: 11 organic bottles

Organic wines have come a long way since the days of high prices for a mere whiff of a farmyard... the high street is now laden with great bottles on a budget

7 white wines to drink this September

So, September. The forecast was certainly for warmish weather this month but will the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness arrive early or will we get an Indian summer?