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13 best vodkas: Smooth spirits to sip neat or mix in a cocktail

From breakfast bloody marys to late night espresso martinis, vodka is at the heart of a wide range of cocktails – here are the best bottles to stock your bar with

Five things you didn’t know about Eva Ekeblad

Today's Google Doodle raises a glass to the celebrated agronomist

The woman who brought potatoes to the people

The humble spud would go on to save Sweden from hunger, encourage alcoholism and power the industrial revolution

On the Menu: Sweetbreads at One Leicester Street; hummus;

This week I've been eating...sweetbreads at One Leicester Street

My Life in Food: Bob Nolet, master distiller, Ketel One Vodka

'Mixing cultures appeals to me – I love Asian fusion'

Gin: In a glass of its own

Forget ice and a slice – the new super-premium gins are much too interesting to be drowned in tonic. David Gerrie reports on a new spirit of adventure

Claire Beale On Advertising: An Absolut break from the norm

Director Spike Jonze has made his first love story. It's a short one, a 30-minute film. And strange. Naturally. Its melancholic and dreamy, loved-up stars are two robots, one a librarian, the other a free-spirited lady android. They're all plastic and wire, like reclaimed computing cast-offs from a decade or two back. Retro, for robots. But they talk like you and me. And they live in LA.