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How engineer revolutionised cleaning by sucking up dust with his mouth

Inventor of vacuum cleaner tested theory behind his idea by placing handkerchief over his mouth in a restaurant

10 best cordless vacuum cleaners

The joy of the cordless machine (and if you’re doing chores like vacuuming, you need all the joy you can find) is you don’t have to keep plugging and unplugging the cleaner as you move from room to room. The downside is that if it’s battery-powered, it will lack the suction power of a corded machine and it’s going to run out of charge sooner or later. Usually sooner.

Poetry, please: language lovers give verdict on attack of the

Sir James Dyson’s derision of the study of verse has drawn protests from academics and writers

Come clean! Dyson accuses Bosch over R&D 'mole'

Dyson has accused Bosch of sending an industrial spy into its secret research and development centre to hoover up confidential details of its designs.

Dyson invents fan that has no blades

For once James Dyson has invented something without cutting-edge technology – a fan without blades. With an eye on the lucrative US market for air conditioning, the creator of the bagless vacuum cleaner is launching his bladeless fan on both sides of the Atlantic today.

Dyson: Fans, the Conservatives and climate change

To mark the launch of his AirMultiplier fan, launched today, Sir James Dyson was interviewed by The Independent. Topics included the fan, his new job with the Conservatives and how the world might solve climate change. This is an edited transcript of the interview: