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Far right hate is spiralling out of control thanks to politicians

With such negative attitudes towards the political system, it is perhaps not surprising that the far right is effectively mining this anti-establishment seam

A more powerful Tommy Robinson is the last thing Britain needs

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Far-right groups across Europe 'using Islamist techniques' to recruit

Exclusive: Counter Extremism Group says outward rejection of violence is 'increasing the potential for radicalisation'

Labour open up four-point lead over Tories in new poll

Survation results put Jeremy Corbyn's party on 41 per cent and the Conservatives on 37 per cent

Ukip says don't join army because it's under 'foreign command'

Party leader Gerard Batten branded 'ridiculous' after reacting with fury to UK soldiers in Bosnia sporting EU flag

Ukip avoids bankruptcy after raising almost £300,000 through donations

Interim leader Gerard Batten says party is 'safe' after securing money to pay libel fees

People think Donald Trump talks more rubbish than any other celebrity

'This wouldn’t be an issue if he didn’t happen to be in one of the most powerful positions on the planet'