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Brexit Party councillors caught in racist tirade against Asian people

Activist in key target seat of Hartlepool said Muslims are 'outbreeding us' and 'live like animals' - boasting he tried to bury a pig’s head under a mosque

How the BBC lets down Green voters – and fails democracy

People have a right to see and hear from the people they voted for, and for those they say they intend to vote for

Farage willing to strike pact with Johnson to deliver no-deal Brexit

Brexit party leader urges next Tory prime minister to call a general election, saying 'I'd want to work with them, of course I'd do that'

Ukip candidate defends use of N-word by saying he found it 'funny'

Campaign group Hope not Hate calls for Youtuber to be sacked immediately

Nazi comparisons have never been more relevant to UK politics

It is often seen as hysterical to draw parallels between modern politics and what happened in the 1930s. But we are in a moment where fascism is far too close to power and the political mainstream

Tommy Robinson shows wedding video at documentary launch

Right-wing leader complains of 'corrupt media' as organisers urge protesters to leave journalists alone

Far right hate is spiralling out of control thanks to politicians

With such negative attitudes towards the political system, it is perhaps not surprising that the far right is effectively mining this anti-establishment seam