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Ukip leader storms out of interview after question over rape tweet

Ukip leader Gerard Batten stormed out of an interview with Sky News as he continued to defend candidate Carl Benjamin's 2016 tweet to MP Jess Phillips stating that he “wouldn’t even rape" her. The party leader previously called the comments 'satire'.

Pint in hand, Farage will ride his Brexit Party to abject failure

I really wonder whether the public has grown a bit tired of the Farage shtick. Are we still fooled by this former banker’s fake ‘man of the people’ routine?

Rees-Mogg's sister standing for Farage's Brexit Party in Euro-election

Annunziata Rees-Mogg said she could not ‘sit by and let her do it’ in relation to Theresa May’s Brexit strategy

How the 2017 general election determined the fate of Brexit

In 2016 Britain went to the polls to vote on our future relationship with the EU. But, argue John Curtice and his co-authors in a new book edited by Philip Cowley and Denis Kavanagh, the real Brexit referendum actually happened a year later

Far-right Brexit rally attracts just 2,000 protesters

'We can't be reasoned with, we don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and we absolutely will not stop, ever, until we get hard Brexit,' says one speaker, quoting ‘The Terminator’

Christine Hamilton dropped from charity after comparing burqa to KKK

Wife of former Tory MP and current Ukip leader in Wales said: 'If the burqa is acceptable then presumably this is too?'

Man who taught pug to do Nazi salute has appeal refused

Mark Meechan fails with attempt to overturn conviction and sentence for 'grossly offensive' YouTube video