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Finding sustainable toys doesn’t have to cost the Earth

More and more toys are ending up in the landfill and this number sets to rise as another Christmas approaches. The key to stopping this crisis is to shop consciously, says Matthew Watkins  

Barbie launches dolls that use wheelchairs and have prosthetic limbs

The new additions were created with the help of 12-year-old Jordan Reeves, who has a prosthetic arm

10 best kids’ craft kits

Nurture their creativity with a fun and practical (and not too messy) make-your-own set

Little girl who lost eye to cancer given doll 'as perfect as she is'

White bunny has gold tutu, heart-shaped nose and one happy golden eye

Frustrated child gets stuck inside toy claw machine

'I then heard a muffled complaint and when I looked up, he was behind the glass of the machine,' says parent

Billionaire Beanie Babies creator Ty Warner avoids jail for tax

Judge rules that tycoon’s ‘endless acts of charitable kindness’ should ‘trump’ his $25m tax evasion