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Lego announces Friends-inspired collection

Company says 'The one with the Lego bricks' is coming soon 

10 best creative toys

Keep the kids occupied with these imaginative amusements

Children’s toys and baby monitors can be taken over by hackers

Code of practice issued to manufacturers after security vulnerabilities found in toys including smart bear and talking dinosaur

Hornby’s prices are chugging higher as Brexit obstructs the tracks

The toymaker is a unique company but its business model is not and it won’t be alone in having to hike prices as a result of the pound’s tumble

Fisher Price's new 'Mom' figure is stereotypical – but inspiring

Once you analyse it, perhaps 'Time for Yoga and a Smoothie!' is a rather brilliant slogan. It shows the Fisher-Price Mom figure is putting herself first – and who says she is not a Chief Executive? 

M&S toy packaging to be gender neutral

The retailer said it had been planning the move for months

Barbies for girls, cars for boys? Let toys be toys and get them gender

Kids take cues about their assigned gender roles from the world around them at a young age - and this can be very limiting growing up