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Dan Snow endorses Lib Dems with attack on Tories and Labour

Television presenter laments 'parlous state' of two main parties but praises Jo Swinson and insists Brexit can still be stopped  

How the Tory manifesto fails to protect the NHS from Brexit

Though they’ve promised to ‘upgrade 20 hospitals and build 40 new ones’, an independent fact-checking charity found the refurbishment of six hospitals only

We are hounded by Labour’s myth of the 2017 contest

Analysis: Jeremy Corbyn’s party has claimed the 2017 result as a triumph – but the reality is more complicated

Musk says Brexit made him decide against Tesla electric car base in UK

‘Brexit made it too risky to put a Gigafactory in the UK’

Brexit deal will allow UK to cut workers’ rights, leaked paper reveals

Prime minister accused of misleading parliament – after official paper boasts his agreement ‘leaves room for interpretation’

Johnson's Queen's Speech passed by MPs as he demands election

Fears of defeat on legislative plans – the first since 1924 – melt away as Democratic Unionist Party swings behind

Brexit has become a posh family psychodrama, and we're all extras

We are being asked to find some shreds of sympathy for people who brought division and hatred upon themselves – and now rain it down on the rest of us

Labour bosses 'blocking vote on closing all detention centres'

Motions demand Labour beefs up policy of shutting only the worst institutions - but are unlikely to be debated after 'stitch-up'