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Johnson branded a 'racist' by SNP leader in Commons chamber

'He called Muslim women letterboxes, he described African people as having watermelon smiles....if that’s not racist, I don’t know what is'

Theresa May to keep private who she voted for to be next Tory leader

The outgoing premier insists she still thinks her Brexit deal was a good one for Britain

Gove warns rivals' Brexit plans could put Corbyn in power by Christmas

Remarks come as Amber Rudd warns 'numbers are there' to topple Conservative government intent on no-deal Brexit

Johnson admits no-deal Brexit will hurt UK during rambling launch

‘I’m not going to pretend to you now that everything will be plain sailing, there will be difficulties’

Leaked cabinet note says UK not ready for no-deal Brexit on October 31

Building up adequate stockpiles of medicines for a no-deal Brexit will take ‘six to eight months’, leaked cabinet note says

Bercow vows to stop Tory front-runner suspending parliament

Live updates from Westminster, as they happened

GP ‘hadn’t the heart’ to tell man of infection from tainted blood

‘It just seems really, really unethical and unfair,’ says victim’s wife