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UK Politics
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Ashley Cowburn How will Johnson handle his debut on the world stage?

There will be dozens of potential pitfalls for the new prime minister in Biarritz, writes Ashley Cowburn

Thanks to Priti Patel, I’m about to lose my livelihood

I grew up in a working class family in Bradford, and I was the first in my family to go to university. The UK is trumpeting the deliberate stripping of rights and opportunities from people like me 

Nicola Sturgeon says meeting Theresa May was ‘soul-destroying’

Scottish first minister delivers brutal verdict on Tory PMs

Boris Johnson to announce £1.8bn cash boost for NHS

Money will help fund upgrades to 20 hospitals, plus new beds and equipment, but Labour says it falls ‘significantly short’ of what is needed

May urges Johnson not to axe department for international development

Parting shot at incoming prime minister who has backed a report which proposed 'abolishing' the aid department

Why my last question to Theresa May had nothing to do with Brexit

She will leave office after my question with little worry about her future, while millions across our country are suffering and dying because of cruel indifference in the government

Editors' letters
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Andrew Woodcock The PM got reporters excited with a secretive valedictory speech

Those of us who crowded hopefully into Chatham House did not have to wait long to be disappointed. This was Theresa May, after all

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Prorogation’s out – so May’s successor will face the same choices

A constitutional crisis involving the Queen has – mercifully – been cancelled. What now?