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Johnson must deliver ‘climate change Budget’ in March say advisers

Prime minister urged to stop delaying measures – after admission that funding strategy to achieve ‘net zero’ emissions will not emerge until end of the year

Curb on foreign spies and 'biggest overhaul of foreign policy' pledged

Legislation to ‘disrupt hostile state activity’ was promised by Theresa May but shelved because of Brexit logjam

Goldsmith to be awarded peerage despite losing seat twice

‘Our second chamber should not be some absurd insurance policy for trounced MPs,’ says Electoral Reform Society

Politics explained

Rob Merrick Which key policies will be left out of the Tory manifesto?

Keen to know what the future holds if Boris Johnson wins the election? Don’t expect the manifesto to provide the answers, writes Rob Merrick

Pressure to drop Labour candidate over Theresa May at gunpoint post

'The impact of such images are clear - they incite intimidation and violence against female politicians,' say group of Labour women

Ex-Tory cabinet ministers hint at rejecting Johnson's new Brexit plan

David Gauke warns of 'an unnecessarily high economic price' - while Amber Rudd highlights less 'support for the economy' than Theresa May's doomed deal

Johnson 'betraying private renters' after shelving evictions pledge

Theresa May attacked landlords’ power as ‘wrong’ and vowed to act – but issue has been left out of Queen’s Speech