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Taylor Swift says she ‘wasn’t educated enough to talk about politics’

The ‘ME!’ singer-songwriter explained that she had never been educated on her own privilege until recently

This is what the critics are saying about Taylor Swift’s new song

Critics have praised the romantic ballad, relieved at the absence of more bubble-gum pop

Taylor Swift sends struggling college student thousands for tuition

Singer included the note: 'Ayesha get your learn on girl. I love you!'

Cara Delevingne urges Justin Bieber to 'try to understand women'

'As a married man, you should be lifting women up instead of tearing them down'

Justin Bieber responds after being mentioned in Taylor Swift post

Bieber appeared to attempt to try and accuse Swift of encouraging her fan to pile on Braun, his manager, after she accused him of bullying her for several years

Taylor Swift donates £86,000 to LGBT+ group in Tennessee

‘I’m so inspired by the work you do,’ the singer wrote in a handwritten letter

Billie Eilish interview: ‘I want to be able to mourn for XXXTentacion’

The 17-year-old pop sensation tells Joe Coscarelli​ why she keeps near-complete creative control, that everyone needs to give hip hop credit, and how she’s ready for fame