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70% of Britons back single-use plastic ban, poll claims

Most thought retailers should stop selling these items because of their environmental impact

This campaign wants people to return their plastic to supermarkets

'Grab that annoying piece of plastic, write your message on it and drop it off at the supermarket it came from'

New Net-a-Porter platform tells customers which brands are sustainable

New section aims to give a voice to brands making positive changes

Iceland accused of still using palm oil – despite promising to stop

According to the BBC there were recently still 28 own-brand products listed on the website which contain palm oil or fat

How Christmas trees could be recycled

Our old trees emit an estimated 100,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases when they go to landfill – but pine needles can now instead be turned into useful industrial materials

We need to adopt real solutions to our environmental predicament

By encouraging high density living and vegetarianism, limiting travel, rationing electricity and introducing mandatory population control, we could reduce resource use and environment impact, preserving both for future generations

How to stop city breaks killing our cities

Our obsession with city breaks is putting a strain on local infrastructure and the environment. But it’s not too late – we need to follow Barcelona’s lead