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Majority of parents 'say sunglasses should be part of school uniform'

Three-quarters of respondents worry about protecting children's eyes from sun

You’ll never guess who I had in the front of my cab... the Norwegian

It is often said that you can learn the most about a place by chatting to its taxi drivers.

Has Ukip finally gone too far? 'Bongo bongo land' remarks by MEP

After causing waves of offence and being gently rebuked by his party leadership, Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom has belatedly apologised and promised not to use the term “bongo bongo land” again.

Freddie Mercury 'smuggled Princess Diana into a gay club dressed as a

Comedian Cleo Rocos recalls the night out in her new book

Victoria Beckham: Dressed for success

Victoria Beckham has released a collection of her greatest hits to celebrate offering her designs online, says Rebecca Gonsalves

Twenty holiday myths exposed

Can a gin and tonic keep the mozzies away? Does a paper bag prevent jet lag? Kunal Dutta and Lyndsey Fineran get to the truth

A new model army tears its clothes off for 'amazing' Putin

Young women across Russia have been called on to show their support for Vladimir Putin in an unusual way: by ripping off their clothes. The unexpected campaign has been launched by a group calling itself the Putin Army, which posted a slick video online at the weekend featuring a trio of young women announcing a competition.