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Chocolate lovers shocked at sugar content of Cadbury Creme Egg

‘Gutted!!! This much sugar in a Creme Egg’ Twitter user writes

Fruit juice as 'likely to cause early death as any sugary drink'

Purported health benefits of fruit juice, which is currently exempt from UK's sugar tax, not enough to counteract harms of sugar

Graphic cigarette-style health warnings also effective on sugary drink

'Revolting, frightening and shocking' labels can help people choose healthy options

Food industry fails to meet 5% sugar reduction target

Public Health England said that it ‘recognises there are more reduction plans in the pipeline’, while some critics have questioned the industry’s commitment to cutting sugar

Sugar makes cancerous tumours more aggressive, finds new study

The findings will have a major impact on the diets of cancer patients

Restrictions on European sugar firms are lifted

The European Union's scrapping of long held quotas on sugar firms could have implications for consumers