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Nasa's Perseverance rover is carrying a hidden message to Mars

Writing hidden on rover plate next to microchips carrying nearly 11 million names

Stunning gas cloud spotted after two stars get into celestial ‘fight’

Beautiful detritus could help us learn about the fate of our own Sun

New AI could tell us the structure of the universe, scientists claim

New technology could allow us to 'work our way towards uncovering the greatest mystery of modern physics', says scientist

Unexplained lights in sky could be alien structures or something else

Vanishing, bright stars likely to be from 'natural, if somewhat extreme, astrophysical sources', say astronomers – but could change our understanding of the universe whatever they are

Long Reads

Steven Cutts Going up? How the idea of a ‘space elevator’ could become reality

It was first pondered as early as 1895 and has been a science fiction trope ever since. But, Steven Cutts asks, just how close are we to constructing a ladder to the heavens?

Huge ‘structures’ found floating in space

Vast formations were born during 'a staggeringly powerful event happened a few million years ago very near our galaxy's central black hole', scientist says

Water is found on habitable alien exoplanet for the first time

‘This represents the biggest step yet taken towards our ultimate goal of finding life on other planets, of proving that we are not alone,’ says astronomer