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Lee Hee-ho: Former South Korean first lady and women’s rights activist

The feminist campaigner protested against the practice of taking concubines and played a vital role in inter-Korean politics as the wife of Kim Dae-jung

Car filled with gas canisters crashes into US embassy in Seoul

Police discovered a box of gas canisters in the boot of the vehicle but have not said if the incident is being treated as an attempted attack 

North Korea launches short-range missiles

Test perceived as warning shot to US, which has imposed strict sanctions on Pyongyang

Hiking trails open along South and North Korean border

The new 'peace trail' follows the heavily armed Demilitarized Zone

Trump-Kim summit: What can we expect from second meeting?

Analysis: Kim Jong-un may find meeting transpires to be little more than photo opportunity for Donald Trump, writes Kim Sengupta

UK should ban eating of dog meat, says MP

'I’d like our country to join in setting an example to the world,' says Bill Wiggin

Who are the K-pop sensations BTS?

Idols with devoted army of teenage fans bring Love Yourself live show to Europe after conquering US and Canada

Kim Jong-un invites Pope Francis to North Korea

South Korea will deliver the invitation when President Moon Jae-in visits the Vatican this month