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Love Island’s Ollie Williams says he was ‘treated like a murderer’

Ollie Williams has joined the call for better social media regulation in the wake of Caroline Flack's death

Why there is no justification for using the cruel 'Muggy Mike' hashtag

Twitter users should think twice before adopting a hashtag with such a troubling past, argues Sabrina Barr

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Sirena Bergman YouTube conquered the world in the 2010s – where does it go from here?

Ten years ago, YouTubers, vloggers and influencers didn’t exist. Less than a month into the 2020s, these careers are continuing to shape the online entertainment industry. But in the midst of fierce competition, feuds and scandals, what does the future hold for YouTube, asks Sirena Bergman

Mass strobe cyberattack ‘targets people with epilepsy’ on social media

Foundation says Twitter followers were deliberately sent flashing images during awareness month

Instagram to warn users over ‘bullying’ language in captions

‘We should all consider the impact of our words,’ says anti-cyberbullying charity

Instagram’s steps to prevent teen suicide were long overdue

Removing self-harm images is welcome, of course, but how exactly will that be done? Social media users need to be told