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Does smoking or vaping put you at higher risk of getting coronavirus?

Those who are older or have underlying medical conditions are most susceptible to disease, according to CDC 

Here’s how to really stick to your new year’s resolution

By February, 80 per cent of the UK will have failed to keep their 2020 goals. Sally Marlow and Ian Hamilton explore what we can learn from those who have overcome drug dependency to help us achieve ours

Vaping and smoking together doubles likelihood of stroke says study

The results considered over 160,000 responses from smokers 

Juul CEO tells non-smokers to not vape

'Don’t start using nicotine if you don’t have a pre-existing relationship with nicotine'

Mystery vaping lung illness now reported in 153 people

‘People are vaping both nicotine and the THC products, so it’s unclear which may be responsible,’ officials say

Smokers who vape save nearly £350 a year, research claims

More than 50 percent of smokers who take up vaping do so to save money, poll says

Vaping has ‘not re-normalised’ tobacco smoking among teenagers

‘Fears over a resurgence in youth tobacco smoking because of rise in e-cigarette use are largely unfounded’