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Léa Seydoux says women ‘love’ to see James Bond’s body

‘I think what we forget is that James Bond is also a sexual object,’ says actor

Malaysia sparks outrage after telling women to wear make-up at home

‘Such a long holiday and need to work from home is something difficult for mothers because oftentimes they lose focus on things,’ said women’s ministry

Warren drafts contract for Bloomberg to release ex-employees from NDAs

After heated exchanges at debate, candidate drafts law for him to let former employees speak out 

Former Johnson aide ‘made offensive comments about sex and women’

Unearthered posts allege controversial advisor claimed wives should 'submit' to their husband

Lego branded sexist for saying girls would stick out among scientists

'The sexist characterisation in this is horrible in 2019'

Editor’s letters

Clémence Michallon Why we have to keep telling the same story over and over again

Yes, it’s tiresome to have to point out that the Golden Globes shut out a lot of female talent. But there’s a reason we keep doing it anyway

A women-only hotel to avoid misogyny? It’s just evading the problem

I get it; when a woman dons a swimsuit on holiday, the last thing they want is an unsolicited catcall or a wolf-whistle. But the problem won’t go away by sequestering ourselves in women-only spaces

Every day is like the 1950s for women in the City

The men who made the most money constantly made lewd comments about their female colleagues. It was accepted that these prized assets got to play by a different set of rules to everyone else