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Police board Gatwick plane as flights grounded over ‘security threat’

 Passengers were held on board while emergency services that met easyJet aircraft carried out checks

Residents of spiritual hot spot want private security for crime wave

Householders in Glastonbury consider paying for extra street patrols as antisocial behaviour spirals

Android exploit lets hackers steal passwords with hidden tricks

In one case, they created an overlay that looks exactly like the Facebook app’s password entry field

Kodi: Users can be hacked through subtitles

People are being urged to download a new update for the software

Government must be able to spy on Whatsapp users, Home Secretary says

‘We have to have a situation where we can have our security services get into the terrorists’ communications. That’s absolutely the case’

Security experts astonished by electronics ban on Middle East airlines

Passengers worried about potential of theft, airports facing extra pressure