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Savers missing out on £7bn of interest by sticking with big banks

Consumers stick with large high street lenders despite much better rates available elsewhere

Will the base rate rise destroy household finances?

After years of speculation, it’s time to find out if our money management can withstand (slightly) higher interest rates

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Seven in 10 people think retirement income targets would encourage them to save more

6 ways to save money without trying

You want to save money, but everyday costs are getting in the way. Here are six life hacks for a pain-free savings pot

Britons stand to lose £1.1bn of loose change hoarded in piggybanks

The new 12-sided coin will come into circulation across the UK on Tuesday, and shops have been asked to stop accepting round pound coins on 15 October

New financial measures to improve the saving market

There are signs that rates will pick up in the medium term

Questions of Cash: chasing a mystery debt

What to do when you don't get the hire car you've booked or when you're charged after ending a mobile contract