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High-octane activities more relaxing than baths, poll finds

50 per cent say they stay active to reduce stress

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Christine Manby Epsom bath salt: an accidental 17th century discovery

Take a moment to relax this winter as Christine Manby reveals the rejuvenating health benefits of Epsom bath salts

How to deal with stress and relax, according to a psychologist

Trudi Edington, Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Westminster, explores the scientific reason why a last minute holiday left her feeling recharged 

It's not the end of the world – but it's the end of any false

This is bad news. A drop in a credit rating by one agency does not matter that much in itself, for heaven knows, the rating agencies have been absurdly wrong in their judgements. The AAA ratings they gave to dodgy US housing debt were one of the factors in the banking crash of 2008. Both the US and France have seen a similar modest downgrading of their debt. But it matters because it focuses investors on the inherent weakness not just of British national finances at the moment but also of the longer-term commitment of the UK authorities to holding down inflation and assuring investors that they will get paid back in real – rather than devalued – money.

15-year-old girl with missing moniker set to sue Icelandic government

Parents who don't want to take a name from a government list have to apply to a special committee that has the power to say yes or no to the chosen name

Friend, not enema – spa life the easy way

Nicola Sturzaker takes a spa break at Grayshott and finds more gain than pain

Climbdown over plan to vet contact with children

Nationwide outrage kills off scheme that could have criminalised millions of innocent helpers