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Janet Street-Porter Is it time for recycling centres to be deemed essential?

With fly-tipping on the rise, we should be doing all we can to keep waste to a minimum, writes Janet Street-Porter


Zlata Rodionova How KeepCup turned a zero-waste solution into a fashion accessory

Zlata Rodionova discusses sustainability with co-founder Abigail Forsyth and why the paper coffee cup has ‘just got to go’

There is no shame in re-gifting this Christmas

Why oh why is re-gifting a present our dirty festive secret?

Christmas is bad for the planet, most people believe

Nearly 40 per cent of respondents say sustainability is this year's biggest priority

What no one is telling you about all the single-use plastic bans

While it is no doubt an honourable attempt to do something, the realities of such a ban being successful run at stark counterpoint to day-to-day life

Small shops still hand out 2 million plastic bags every day

Figures suggest number could be drastically reduced if government doubled the levy and extended to small shops

Businesses must pay to recycle their own waste under new scheme

'At long last the government appears to be getting serious about tackling England’s vast mountains of waste'

All homes may have to separate food waste in drive to cut emissions

But councils, already stretched, could demand extra money to implement eco-friendly scheme