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I've already failed... on a technicality

It's made near impossible by 'online exclusive' products and the necessity of having to dress my bridesmaids

Supermarkets urged to offer water refills to curb plastic waste

‘There’s untapped potential for a refill revolution in the drinks market’, campaigners say 

Girl, seven, gets 70,000 to call for Crayola to make pens recyclable

‘If everyone tries to do something little, we can make a better world for us to live in’

What supermarkets can do to stop harming the planet

Stores should start selling only seasonal produce and label foods according to their carbon footprints, writes Alison Stowell

India’s ‘rubbish mountain’ is about to grow taller than the Taj Mahal

Putrid landmark is so vast India’s Supreme Court has warned red lights will have to be put on top to warn aircraft

Recycling industry under investigation for leaking plastic into oceans

British export firms claim to have shipped tens of thousands more tonnes of waste overseas than recorded by HM Customs

How to use blockchain to clean up the world's oceans

Through blockchain, Empower aims to take Norway’s native plastic exchange system global