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PlayStation working on new kind of controller

New buttons could be intended for upcoming PS5

Fifa 20's biggest new feature brings back beloved game mode

Fifa Street has been one of the most beloved additions to the franchise – but hasn't been discussed for years

Mysteries of Death Stranding finally start to be revealed

Dying and killing other people both appear to trigger unusual events

God of War heralded as one of the PS4's best ever games

The game has rehabilitated its central character, and in so doing revive a tired and over-familiar series

PS4 goes on sale in the UK as Sony disables online features

Sony's rival to the Xbox One has now launched worldwide; the two titans of home gaming will now go head-to-head over Christmas

PS4 review: Sony has got their swagger back with the PlayStation 4

Sony's rival to Microsoft's Xbox One has concentrated fully on the gaming experience - although the launch library is hardly the most impressive to date