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Black man awarded $600,000 after arrest by boss's police chief friend

Michael Fesser says he was 'terrified' to return to the small town where he was arrested following issues with racial discrimination

Police catch man attempting to flee scene by riding a log down a river

33-year-old Robert Tudorache allegedly pointed a firearm at another person, threatening to kill them, in Keizer Rapids Park

A life-threatening storm is about to batter the US

High temperatures to give way to heavy snow and life-threatening conditions

Horse sues former owner for $100,000 over lice infestation and neglect

Justice was 300lb underweight, riddled with lice and suffering from a bacterial skin infection

Police search for suspect maiming wild deer in Oregon with arrows

Reward of $2,000 for information surrounding culprit has been issued by Turn in Poaches programme and Oregon Hunters Association