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Franco Zeffirelli: Director who revelled in the lavish and theatrical

The last of Italy’s post-war cinema giants, Zeffirelli worked with many of the greatest stars of the 20th century

Long Reads
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David Lister Country house opera: Exploring the very essence of English art

With bucolic surroundings – including the occasional sheep – this mode of music is like no other. David Lister explores why Puccini goes so well with Pimm’s and picnics

Tete A Tete festival: Mary’s Hand, review: 'A modest gem of a show'

Outstanding take on the life of Mary I of England from an annual opera festival that bets heavily on new talent

The best alternative hip opera shows to see this summer

"No frills" fringe opera festivals provide the perfect opportunity to sample eclectic programming and operatic talent in unconventional spaces. Baritone Peter Brathwaite presents the edgy shows to catch

Salome, review: Direction allows cast's superb voices to be the focus

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra proved that Strauss's opera can make more sense in concert-hall than opera house

Antarctic polar station up for global architecture award

A dismantlable research station created in the icy wastes for the British Antarctic Survey has been shortlisted for a global architecture award.

Heads Up: Edinburgh International Festival

Beyond the Fringe - omens are good for the ‘original’ festival