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Right-wing militia member arrested for impersonating border agent

Photos show Jim Benvie in camouflage jacket decorated with eagle-head insignia

Police shoot three children in robbery suspect’s car

'My four-year-old daughter was shot in the head and she has a bullet in her brain'

Oklahoma governor signs bill to merge Native American and Columbus day

Governor Stitt, who signed the bill into law said 'it just gives us one opportunity to celebrate Columbus, but also the indigenous people here in America'

Experts baffled after female lion mysteriously grows mane

'After a while, it became obvious to everybody that Bridget was developing something a little different,' veterinarian says

Oklahoma girl finds wanted man hiding in her wardrobe

‘He said, “Don’t be scared little girl,” and I just started running’

College student suspended after sending lynching messages

The investigation at the University of Oklahoma is ongoing