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UK Politics

Jon Stone Why is Boris Johnson denying his deal includes customs checks?

The prime minister is saying one thing while his deal says another. What’s he up to, asks Jon Stone

Johnson to meet Northern Ireland leaders after power-sharing deal

Agreement led to restoration of Stormont executive after three years

Tory minister ridiculed over 'Brexit got done' claim

Follow all the latest developments as they happened

Teenager found dead in lorry in Essex had escaped Dutch asylum centre

Development comes as police arrest fifth man - a 23-year-old from Northern Ireland - in connection with horror incident

The bizarre loophole that could see Northern Ireland reach Euro 2020

They have only beaten Estonia and Belarus in competitive games over the past two years, and won no points in Nations League, yet Northern Ireland could technically reach the Euros without winning another game

As MPs hear what Brexit means, Johnson's deal is unravelling

The Johnson deal, it is increasingly clear, means everything and nothing. It is promising too many things to many people that cannot be simultaneously true

Tomorrow will be the most momentous day in peacetime politics

Pro-European MPs are still finalising their plans. One idea is to reject the deal until and unless legislation passes; another is to fight for a referendum tomorrow. But whatever precise mechanism is decided, we must stop the deal