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US politics

Chris Stevenson White House officials interfere with Trump’s legacy at their peril

Analysis: The hawkish John Bolton will not be missed by many, but his being fired points to some of the president’s larger aims, writes Chris Stevenson

North Korea ends peace talks with South and fires off two new missiles

Pyongyang issues angry response to South Korean president’s ‘senseless’ calls for renewed dialogue while joint US military drills continue

Long Reads

Mick O’Hare What we can learn from the rise and fall of the USSR

As we mark 20 years of Vladimir Putin’s rule, Mick O’Hare looks back at the break-up of the former Soviet Union and the forces that underpinned the KGB man’s rise to the top

Trump and his allies are huge hypocrites when it comes to Kim Jong-un

What Trump has done so far puts South Korea and Japan in danger — and potentially the United States

Is the US accepting the world must live with a nuclear North Korea?

In return for giving the president his holiday snaps, North Korea may say goodbye to some US sanctions without giving up its programme

Trump administration seizes ‘sanction-busting’ North Korean ship

The seizure arrives at a delicate time between the two countries

North Korea ‘fires two short-range missiles’

Latest launch comes less than five days after previous weapons test