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Carlos Ghosn's Wife urges Trump to help former Nissan boss

US president called on to speak to Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe at upcoming G20 summit

Nissan has been betrayed by Brexit ideologues like Jacob Rees-Mogg

The ERG prefers conspiracy theories and witch hunts to listening to firms’ worries about trade barriers

Car industry workers want to leave the EU

‘The majority of those on the shop floor want to leave; those who are faced with managing global businesses take a different view,’ says Mike Matthews, who worked his way up from an apprenticeship to become managing director of a key Nissan supplier

UK drivers spend ’35 million hours a year’ looking for parked cars

Survey finds more than one third regularly forget where their car is parked

Renault finds no evidence of wrongdoing in Carlos Ghosn probe

Carmaker finds CEO’s compensation compliant with French law and industry recommendations

Car makers target adverts at Saudi women in rush to dominate market

Ford, Nissan and VW all line up to challenge Hyundai and Toyota's domination in Saudi Arabia

Nissan Leaf: new model improves on world's most popular EV

Can the restyled Mk 2 Leaf take electric car sales to the next level?