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Carlos Ghosn posts £3.5m bail to secure second release from jail

Deposed car industry titan must live at registered address, not leave Japan, and adhere to requirements aimed at preventing destruction of evidence

Ghosn blames arrest on 'conspiracy' led by Nissan executives

'This is about backstabbing. I’m talking here about a few executives who, obviously for their own interests and for their own selfish fears, are creating a lot of value destruction.'

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Ben Chu Was Brexit behind Nissan’s decision not to build the X-Trail here?

Analysis: Some have claimed the Japanese carmaker’s decision not to build the SUV in Sunderland was due to problems in the global diesel market, not the UK leaving the European Union. Ben Chu assesses the evidence

It’s time to call out broken Brexit promises on trade

If there were any doubt that the Labour leadership is happy to facilitate Brexit, look no further than the treatment of frontbenchers who defied the whip

Nissan recalls nearly 150,000 vehicles due to ‘improper tests’

Brings total number of Nissan vehicles recalled over testing concerns to more than 1 million

Brexit uncertainty pulls UK car manufacturing down 9.8%

Production in the year so far is down 6.9 per cent compared with 2017, including a 12 per cent drop in the domestic market

Radio says workers will 'go back to picking cotton' if they unionise

'You were out there hauling corn and picking cotton and ploughing fields or digging ditches and you are going to go right back to it because the Union is not going to take care of you'

A Nissan Leaf takes on the Mongol Rally

So that’s 10,000 miles across hostile terrain for the electric car