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International Space Station 'safest place to be amid Covid-19'

Nasa announces most staff will be working from home for foreseeable future

Space images show drastic drop in China pollution as coronavirus hits

‘This is the first time I have seen such a dramatic drop-off over such a wide area for a specific event,’ says Nasa scientist

Should sex technology be launched into space?

As our ever-evolving relationship with technology takes a surprisingly sexual turn, Simon Dube and Dave Anctil ask if robots can, and should, be used to help astronauts satisfy basic needs

Long Reads

Steven Cutts Can privatisation save the space race?

There is a very American conviction that the private sector is far better placed to develop the next generation of piloted spacecraft than Nasa, writes Steven Cutts. But don’t give up on the shuttles of the 1960s just yet

Astronauts bake space’s first ever cookies

Nobody yet knows what the chocolate chip cookies taste like

Why tonight’s ‘unicorn’ meteor shower may be a rare event

Sky expected to light up with first ‘outburst’ of shooting stars since 1995

Neptune’s moons ‘dance’ with each other to avoid colliding, Nasa says

'There are many different types of 'dances' that planets, moons and asteroids can follow, but this one has never been seen before,' says scientist